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The Essence Of Good Horsemanship

The Essence of Good Horsemanship is like no other book written about horse behaviour and training. It discusses the essential parameters that every horse person needs to consider in order to reach a horse’s full potential and achieve a harmonious relationship. It also gives an in depth explanation why these essentials are important and work so well.

Reading this book is a revelation into aspects of horse behaviour and training that are hardly ever discussed or explained. This book looks at what makes horses tick from the inside and how we can approach the training to influence a horse’s thoughts and emotions to get the best in their performance.

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Short Stories On Good Horsemanship

I have compiled a series of short stories into a two-volume set of books. The books are set in a riding school in Sydney, Australia. They follow the growth of myself as a teenage boy into the world of horses and horsemanship under the guidance of two old laconic brothers.

Some readers may be familiar with the characters of Walt and Amos through my stories published in Chaff Chat. They do their best to impart their knowledge about working with horses to a very naïve young man who is sometimes slow to understand. Nevertheless, the twin brothers never try to impose their way on their young pupil. Instead, they help me in the same way they help horses. They share their knowledge in a way that is meant to stimulate each of us to think about what we do and why we do it when working with horses. There is no force, no lecturing and no judgments made of either people or horses.

The stories both educate and entertain with humour, drama and poignancy. In the wisdom of Walt and Amos there is something for everybody no matter your level of expertise or your favourite equine pursuit.

Real characters and real events inspire all the stories even if the details may have been altered for the sake of a good story. These books are for all of us who strive to be better with our horses.

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Old Men and Horses: A Gift of Horsemanship

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Changing The Tide: Lessons in Horsemanship

  • Real good reading, entertaining, but most importantly each chapter contains a significant point or message that I hope you do not miss!
    Harry Whitney, Horseman & Clinician, Arizona, USA
  • Lucky for us Ross is a master at weaving a good story. Ross has an uncanny ability to set the reader up for a learning experience with wit and some fairly outrageous accents. His books are an incredibly fun way to pick up some difficult-to-grasp concepts. The fiction molded by Ross' unique mind brings us to vicariously learn lessons about horsemanship that non-fiction simply can't pull off.
    Tom Moates, Equine Author & Journalist, Virginia USA
  • Ross’ books offer an entertaining and educational insight into the philosophies he utilizes in his horse training and teaching. Whether you just want an entertaining short story to read or if you are looking for a deeper understanding of your relationship with a horse, you are able to take from them you what you need.
    Louise Bonney, Victoria, Australia
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